Miracle... Today

Miracle... Today
Almost a year later, Miracle enjoys a life that if full of love & happiness!!!

You can see Madison in Action... Click Here!

& Here is Another One of Madison... Click Here, Too!!!


Miracle was adopted by one of the staff veterinarians that had cared for her through all of her traumatic surgeries & her painstaking rehabilitation. We may never catch her siblings' killers nor know who did this to her... but we know that she is now safe, is very healthy & extremely well loved.

Madison is very close to 1 year of age now and is settled in quite nicely with her adopting family. She can run & jump & outplay most dogs her age but still needs a special boot on her one feet. She will negotiate a few stairs if she is motivated but has ramps at home that she loves. She recently completed the 2 mile Tear Foundation Fundraiser walk and had a lot of fun with all of the other dogs. She loves to chase her Frisbee in the field and is an excellent retriever! Madison also loves to swim but wears a life jacket "just in case". Just like a small child, she can be difficult to get out of the water to go home. Sometimes, she plays too hard & needs to be carried home. She continues to come to work daily and loves all the attention that she can get.

We want to thank everyone for their support over the past year & attribute her continued success with everyone who supported her & her doctors at OVRS & through the Tear Foundation. Thank you to everyone also who has inquired about Miracle (now Madison) & for sending her & her forever family best wishes!

Miracle continues to thrive in her home!

Miracle is grateful to everyone who helped her... so much so that she will gladly share her favorite toy for a good round of play time!

I am just a baby, why would someone do this to me?

I am just a baby, why would someone do this to me?
At just barely 4 pounds, it takes a coward to do something like this to such a little innocent soul.

Miracle Continues to Recover

Miracle Continues to Recover
Her latest photographs from around Valentine's Day... isn't she pretty in pink?

What a beautiful girl... look how attentive Miracle is.

What a beautiful girl... look how attentive Miracle is.
Thank you for helping me, your support & the doctors' skills are what have saved my life.

Miracle is enjoying her toys & the extra love & round the clock care she gets from her doctors.

Miracle is enjoying her toys & the extra love & round the clock care she gets from her doctors.
Miracle continues to thrive but still will need more surgeries to help her gain the mobility she desperately desire.

Miracle's Christmas 2007... "Won't you continue to be my guardian angel?"

Miracle's Christmas 2007...  "Won't you continue to be my guardian angel?"
This recent photo came from the TEAR Foundation as a thank you for being Miracle's Supporter

Would you teach your children to set me on fire?

Would you teach your children to set me on fire?
Rescued from the fire, Miracle battles on.

Miracle's Body Wounds November 10, 2007

Miracle's Body Wounds November 10, 2007
Don't let another puppy suffer like this... this was done with sheer malice.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dr. Elizabeth Konoski, One of Miracle's Doctors, Releases Statement for Miracle's Supporters

Christopher received this information from Dr. Elizabeth Konoski yesterday regarding Miracle's medical status. 12/28/07 Miracle continues to stay strong and battle through her recovery. Over the last few weeks we have been dealing with multiple complications as her burns begin to heal. One of the biggest complications is scar contracture as the skin tries to heal the defects left by the 3rd degree burns over her rear limbs. The contracture began pulling her limbs up towards her body, making it more difficult for her to walk. With the help of scar release incisions, physical therapy and splints she wears 23 hours a day we are getting some range of motion back in the rear limbs. She can again walk, although her rear limbs are not normal and so she still carries most of her weight on her front limbs. Miracle did have some small skin grafts performed to cover exposed boneover joints on her rear limbs. After a brief anesthetic procedure for a release incision 2 weeks ago, Miracle developed acute kidney failure. Using IV fluids we were able to reverse any injuries to her kidneys, and returned them to normal within 48 hours. We continue to monitor her bloodwork carefully. Another issue Miracle has had since the beginning is constipation. This has been further complicated lately as the skin beginning to contract over the base of her tail, pulling up on her rectum causing a partial obstruction. She is requiring stool softeners and sometimes daily enemas to make sure she is passing stool. On the positive side, her appetite seems better than ever lately and she did gain a little weight, now approximately 4 1/2 #. She has stolen the hearts of many of our staff, and we all hope she continues to gain strength and mobility in her back legs. The final outcome remains unknown, but our main goal is for her to have the best quality of life possible. The continued support from people across the world is appreciated and wonderful! Dr. Elizabeth Konoski, Emergency and Critical Care department at OVRS

Monday, December 24, 2007

Miracle's Holiday Update...

Thank you all for your emails inquiring about Miracle's status. While we can say that Miracle has made some progress again, it is important to know that with burn victim cases such as Miracle, there will be many "touch and go" days. While Miracle's latest turn for the worse looks as if it has subsided, we can not take this for granted as there will be many, many days ahead of her that she will need to continue to overcome obstacles as a little burn victim. While I know that this may not be the news most of Miracle's supporters would like to hear, it is important to understand that she is being given the best possible care by the talented & experienced veterinarians & licensed veterinary technicians & that the days ahead are uncertain & the promise of tomorrow is never a promise, not for any living creature. At this juncture in time, what I can promise is that Christopher will be getting an update from one of the OVRS veterinarians as soon as he can & we will publish that once it becomes available. What we can offer now is a recent news release from OVRS as published by the Oakland Press: http://www.theoaklandpress.com/stories/121807/loc_20071218206.shtml Once again, thank you all for your emails & best wishes for Miracle. Miracle's petition & blogspot have brought not only global attention from all angles of the earth but also generous contributions to the TEAR foundation for Miracle's care. Thank you & Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heart Wrenching News For Miracle

Miracle has taken a slight turn for the worse. A doctor at the Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) will write an official statement for us about her medical status. She is loosing weight and the surgeries she is facing are taking a huge toll on her body. Please keep praying for a Miracle that Miracle will survive. As of today, the prognosis is dismal for the sweet little girl. Please stay tuned for an updated press release from OVRS.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Miracle Gets a Bath & is Receiving Hydrotherapy

Here she is!!! Little Miracle gets a bath. You can see in this photo where the fur is completely gone.
An anonymous donor has donated enough money to the veterinary hospital in order that Miracle get hydrotherapy. This is helping Miracle recover significantly.
The veterinary hospital still needs help as they would like to purchase a hyperbaric chamber. Please see the quoted press release below from the hospital.
" Miracle still has a long road to recovery and we are committed to providing her with the most loving and technologically advanced care possible. The Foundation hopes to raise enough contributions to purchase a piece of equipment called a Hyperbaric Chamber which would significantly improve her chance for survival and also dramatically accelerate her recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy involves exposing patients to 100% pure oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure. The patient is placed in a sealed chamber, and pure oxygen is delivered into the chamber at pressures above atmospheric pressure for a short period of time several times daily. This serves to super saturate the blood stream and tissues with oxygen. This process results in several advantages, including increased delivery of oxygen to injured tissues and regions of compromised perfusion, supra-physiologic oxygen levels to compensate for states where oxygen-carrying capacity or blood flow is decreased, and stimulation of bone marrow stem cells, which play a vital role in healing. Burn victims like Miracle benefit because of increased oxygen and mobilization of stem cells that provides optimal healing of severe burns. The TEAR Foundation needs approximately $50,000 to purchase the Hyperbaric Chamber that would benefit both Miracle as well as other pets that have a variety of medical conditions including some forms of cancer. "
If you would like to help Miracle by donating money towards the HBO, please click on the link to the left or call the TEAR Foundation directly.